Tony Hawk discusses his broken leg

While everyone else’s attention was elsewhere, another thing happened at this year’s Oscars. Tony Hawk, the world’s most famous skateboarder, unveiled his latest trick: standing without a seat.

Hawk, 53, introduced a James Bond movie montage on stage with Kelly Slater and Sean White, but it was Hawk’s dynamic that seemed most notable. Less than three weeks ago, he covered his right foot when he misunderstood the landing on Mac Toast – a 540-degree air circulation. This is a trick he has done thousands of times. These days, though, his pace was off.

“After I do,” he said, “I turned away and did not have a leg.”

The surgeon repaired the bone with a titanium regime, and a physical therapist designed an aggressive recovery regimen, but neither offered a timeline for recovery. Their consistency allowed the Hawks some. The next day, he posted a video of himself punching his way down the hospital corridor.

A week later, he shared another video where he temporarily skated to the bottom of his ramp.

His unknown purpose in an aggressive therapy regimen was to walk on the Dolby Stage without assistance. Hawk’s stick-to-it-iveness is something of a myth – his quest to land the game’s first 900-degree spin extends to the White House’s four administrations – but his way of reviving it is, in technical terms. Kelly.

Hawk’s femme breaks came a day before HBO released a trailer for “Tony Hawk: Until Wells Falls”, a long-awaited documentary about his life and career that has cost him a lot of time. Directed by Sam Jones, the film carries out its roots, paths and complex results.

In many ways, the documentary is an indispensable story of the middle ages, both for hook and skateboarding, with the loss of an arch shape. Innocence, loss of convictions and love, of course, is regrettable and regrettable, but other damages to Hawk are sometimes freed rather than forced. Like most skaters, he considers skateboarding as a source of expression, but it is thinner and rockier than medium-brush and canvas. With each failed attempt, the passing year, and the double-edged village becomes a piece of unnecessary marble, which must be thrown aside for the appearance of the statue. This is an art created out of bat, but what many fail to see is that the scatter is not one that covers the heater and the forearm; The scatter is rocky.

With the documentary set to premiere on Tuesday, Hawks is sitting down for the weekend to discuss his life, his career and injuries that will require even a fresh start.

This conversation has been lightly and lightly changed for clarity.

How is the recovery going?

I just had some x-rays done, and I will see my doctor on Monday. His behavior is basically that my leg will never be stronger than it is now, so if I can handle the pain, then go for it. I’m in unfamiliar water here, but it’s all up to me. If I can have sugar by next week, I’ll be on track.

on track?

We have an event in Las Vegas over the weekend of May 12th, and I want to skate in the demo. Devo, Modest Mouse, Descendents, and Warish are playing, and the best weight skaters will be skating all weekend. We are never going to retrieve that lineup, so I don’t want to miss it.

Your documentary will be out this week. It’s been an inspirational ride. Do you want to sing your story now?

It was Sam. If anyone else had done it, the story would have been formulaic: you have some ups and downs, then you will have great success, then a credit roll. Sam was interested in directing. Someone else will say that my career ended 15 to 20 years ago. I like to think that I’m still relevant and pushing boundaries, and so does Sam. I also feel like I have a long way to go after my own challenges, so now was the right time to sing a story.

The movie does not take away from the challenges that you have had on and off the board, but it also shows how much you have changed.

My wife Catherine [Obreht] The catalyst is yes. Our relationship was so special that it was his idea of ​​living with her, so I want to make such a positive change. There is a moment in the doctor where Stacy Peralta is calling people around me when I have to fall hard. He was worried about such a cut at my age. One of the first people he called Catherine. In this way you will reach me. The person I ask for starts with my wife.

Another theme in the movie is the tool skating looks on the body, especially the aged ones.

Yeah, I didn’t expect that to be so. I understand, but when you look at the worst of the continuities, you realize that a lot of my skating is now spent walking around with my friends and trying to learn the most basic tricks from the 80’s. Before I let myself down, I think I’ve been skating the best in the past five or ten years. Not the best I’ve ever skated, but the best in recent years. I found cocky on a McTwist, and it’s up to me. In general, I feel like I’m a much wiser skater now. I can still get mad about tricks, but I can relax as well. I am now in a lot of calculations, more aware of the worst case scenario. Do I think this is a form of maturity?

Is there anything you want to get people away from the docks?

I hope this makes them skateboarding champions. Yes, you are seeing the courage and the hard work and the obstacles sometimes, but I hope the audience will see what skateboarding can do for someone; It can give them a sense of identity and self-esteem that may be otherwise. That’s what happened to me.

For all the things you’ve got from skateboarding, you’ve also given back. What can you tell readers about the Skate Park project?

When I was little, there was a skate park in my area. It was the only place where I felt I belonged. There were probably five skate parks in the U.S. at that time? I never accepted it, so when I had the influence, the first thing I wanted to do was provide that kind of opportunity and environment for vulnerable communities. I want to present this to young people who feel like me. This is still a priority, and the Skate Park project works wonders; They all deserve credit.

This is amazing because skateboarding is for everyone, absolutely everyone, and it is not true of other sports. Go to any skate park and if it is light, the park is in use. What other sports facility does this have?

So what is there

I like to put weight on my leg. I would like to do a demo skate on the weekly jam in Vegas. Before I got hurt, I was working on a new video section, so I hope to be able to finish it. The irony is that before I got my leg amputated, I was playing with the idea of ​​going to a farewell visit. I don’t know if anyone would be interested in it, but maybe? We will see

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