Tiger Woods says he intends to play Masters

Augusta, Ga. – It’s been close to 14 months since a car crash that resulted in doctors losing a leg weight, Tiger Woods said Tuesday, as he plans to play in the Masters tournament.

Woods, who has won the event five times at Augusta National Golf Club, indicated in recent days that he will probably join the field in the tournament, which starts on Thursday. But his announcement, during a news conference in Augusta on Tuesday morning, represented the most obvious public step toward returning to the rigors of competition at the most spectacular, tradition-bound stages of his game.

“At this point, I feel like I’m playing,” Woods, 46, said Tuesday on Erie, adding that his recovery “has been good.

“I’m excited about how I’m recovering every day,” said Woods, who plans to play nine more holes before the tournament’s official start.

Woods played the Practice Rounds in the Augusta Nationals on Sunday and Monday, with Dave Fred Kipples and Justin Thomas. Woods seemed to be more prominent on Monday than on Sunday. Climb the steep climb up several hills, pausing a little more for your steps.

The pair, a longtime friend and goal-mate who has been Woods’ consistent practice for more than a decade, said walking the 72 holes of the hill during a four-goal tournament would often present the biggest challenge for Woods.

“It’s about walking,” Jodi said. “Walking is brutal, and after doing this to get through what he went through – whatever that was, 14 months ago – and to play today?

“You can always be in pain, right. He’s a tough guy. He’ll never let you know he’s in pain.

Overall, the couple was impressed with how Woods played.

“He looked phenomenal,” the couple said. “He drowned it, really well, like a machine. The salt was good. He is Tiger Woods, so, he knows how to pot. He is just unrealistic. If he can do no more. If only he wasn’t quick enough, which is easier said than done.

“But if he can go in 72 holes here, he’ll compete. He is good. “

Woods is undergoing a severe revival on his surgically resurfaced right leg since his sports utility vehicle collided sharply on Feb. 23, 2021, on the Boulevard in Los Angeles. In many places he had open tibia and feet. Fibula in his right leg. He spent a month in the hospital, and doctors were considering the possibility that his leg would be amputated.

But Woods, who won his first Masters title 25 years ago in 1997, has carefully managed expectations – the world of golf and, perhaps, his own – to return to the PGA Tour at several points since his accident.

“I’m still working on the walking section,” Woods said in mid-February, in his first public appearance since the accident. “My foot was a little worn out a year ago, so the moving part is that I’m still working on it, working on strength and development. It takes time “

Woods’ last exhibition was at the 2020 Masters in PGA Tour Approval Ceremony, which was played in November instead of April due to epidemic. In that event, Woods struggled and was locked up for the 38th. But it was the 2019 Masters, his first major tournament victory in 11 years, that would make any challenge possible.

After several back and knee surgeries, Woods was not considered a serious contender this year, yet he played his best golf through the final round, winning his fifth Masters title by striking out three of the final six holes.

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