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Initially, Errol Spence ignored the point, which in August 2021 appeared in the left eye of his left eye. His heavyweight title eliminates this mysterious new issue in comparison to Manny Pacquiao.

And when an eye examination before the fight revealed a slippery retina – an injury that could end his boxing career – Spence said he offered to sign a waiver that acknowledged the danger and to cope with it in every way. Make plans

“At that time, you want to fight,” he said.

A victory over Pacquiao may surprise the Spaniards, who were born on Long Island and raised in Dallas, from popular among boxing fans to simply popular. This is a critical difference in a game in which players’ play depends on the size of the audience they are creating.

Predictably, commission officials in Nevada didn’t clear Spence for the race, and he was replaced by Yardenis Yugas, who eliminated Pacquiao to win a decision. Spence went to surgery and the second longest shutout of his career. Yuga won the World Boxing Association title, and the honor that bestowed on a legend like Pacquiao.

This series of plate appearances sets up Saturday night’s showdown between Spain (27-0, 21 knockout outings), which holds the titles of the World Boxing Council and the International Boxing Federation, and the Yugas (27-4, 12 knockout). ). It’s not exactly what boxing fans like; This will be the match between the Spaniards and Travis Crawford, another incredible welterweight. But the winner will be coming out on Saturday night at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, with three big titles and a legitimate claim as the best fighter in a highly competitive division.

“Spence and Crawford are one and two,” said Yugas, who said he considers himself the third best welterweight in the world. “The person who wins this war is the best welterweight.”

While both fighters have championships, the Spaniards enter as a clean A-side. The contest will take place outside of Dallas, where Mayor Eric Johnson announced Saturday “Errol Spins Day.” Organizers expect more than 40,000 spectators, many of whom want to see Spanish partners clear one last barrier between them and Megafight with Crawford. This is likely to be the most exciting in the prospective pair division.

“The welterweight division has always been a glamor division, from Sugar Ray Leonard to Oscar De La Hoya to Floyd Mayweather,” said Stephen Espinoza, president of Showtime Sports, the pay-per-view partner for Saturday’s Fight Card. “It’s a secret secret, and it’s really no secret. You meet elite fighters, and you often get fireworks.

But last year’s eye surgery surpassed the Spurs, and he has not competed since his decisive victory over Danny Garcia in December 2020. And Garcia’s encounter was a draw back, after the Spurs’ first fight in October 2019 following a car crash that transported him to the hospital. a week.

For his part, Spence maintains that causing accidents, surgeries and dismissals has not diminished his skills.

“It helped me train more,” Spence said. “It’s not like I had another job or 9 to 5. I was spending most of my time with my family and children.

Still, the prolonged absence has fueled the career trajectory of a fighter who, after defeating Sean Porter in September 2019, reached a new level of fame. Now, questions are swirling around whether Spence, 32, may be recovering from another major medical problem. Instead of fighting for a third up against the competition, the Spaniard was chosen to face the Yugos, whose profile and confidence have grown since he eliminated Pacquiao last year.

The similarity is overwhelming. Both boxers are skilled and aggressive, giving the penalty body pitchers an equally comfortable strategy match or prospect game. And both have navigated careers late. After consecutive losses in 2014, Yugas moved to Boxing New Jersey for more than two years before moving to Las Vegas and connecting with his current trainer, Ismail Salas, a fellow Cuban immigrant.

Yugas, 35, beats two generations of Cuban Pro boxers.

Older groups have included Olympic gold medalists such as Eurevaux Gamboa and Guillermo Regondo, former world champions now in their early 40s who are still active but no longer elite. Rigondeaux has lost two consecutive hits, and is recovering from a domestic accident that made him almost blind. Gamboa, who also lost two straight, will face Isaac Cruz on the undercard on Saturday.

Small groups include fresh defectors such as Robeisy Ramirez, and Olympians. Andy CruzGold Medalist in Tokyo, part of a group that the government in Cuba, which declared pro sports illegal in 1961, has allowed them to compete professionally.

Defeating Pacquiao made Yugas the first welterweight champion born in Cuba, after Jose Napoles, who made two title reigns between 1969 and 1975. A victory against the Spaniards, Yugas said, will resonate in Cuban communities around the world.

“It’s a landmark night for Cuban boxing,” Yugas said. “It’s a big stage. I’m proud of so many people.”

Saturday’s winner will have high stakes options for his next race.

Specifically, there is Crawford, whose high-level promotional contract expired last November and who sued his former promoter in January. If the merger between the promoters and the broadcast partner has prevented a major fight in the past, Espinoza said Crawford’s free agency will remove that barrier.

“We have a better chance that Crawford has an even longer, longer time to fight after this fight,” Espinoza said.

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