The Biden administration vaccines immigrants at the border

WASHINGTON – The Biden administration is demanding the Corona virus vaccine for some undocumented immigrants on the Southwest border, a policy change that comes just days before the administration’s next public health order review, which has limited immigration during the outbreak.

Under the plan, officials will begin vaccinating undocumented immigrants without evidence of vaccination, which were seized by border officials, but not evacuated under a public health order, seven areas include San Diego, El Paso and the Rio Grande Valley. Details of the project were shared in the New York Times.

According to the instructions given to senior Homeland Security personnel on Sunday, if single adults are refused vaccination, they will be detained and put in deportation. If they request asylum and cannot be detained, they will be released “under strict conditions” with a surveillance device. If the migrant family refuses the vaccination, they will be given the same conditions as the monitoring devices.

The White House has said little about whether it will abolish the Public Health Order that the Trump administration put on the epidemic. The order, known as Title 42, authorizes border officials to repatriate immigrants who wish to enter the United States so that they do not spread the coronavirus here, a precaution that public health experts have deemed unnecessary. General Chat Chat Lounge

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will have to evaluate whether the rule is still necessary in this outbreak, and issue a decision in the coming days.

The administration’s decision to start vaccination for some undocumented immigrants shows a conviction that there are steps beyond the Public Health Order that can be taken to reduce the spread of cross-border Corona virus.

A Department of Homeland Security spokesman said vaccinating immigrants in the custody of the department is a “good practice of public health.” The spokeswoman did not explain why the department waited so long to apply this exercise to undocumented immigrants, most of whom come from Central America. Planning for these vaccinations is in the works. In November, the administration applied for a short-term agreement at points on the Southwest border to provide Covid-19 vaccination.

Previously, the administration has resisted vaccinating undocumented immigrants, despite several suggestions from the Department of Homeland Security over the past year how to do so. President Biden’s domestic policy adviser, Susan Rice, has personally raised concerns that it will encourage more undocumented immigrants to try to cross the border, according to three current and former government officials, aware of the ongoing debate. Those who spoke on this condition. Anonymous to discuss insider ideas.

Noah Gottschalk, global policy leader at Oxfam America, said the argument makes little sense.

“Based on our work, the people coming to these areas and places have absolutely nothing to do with the people,” he said. “People have access to the vaccine. They are coming because they are being persecuted.

Inside the Homeland Security Department, officers are planning to finish the title in early April 42. The result is expected to be a large group of immigrants, already exceeding the large numbers who have been crossing the border in recent weeks without any documentation.

Ever since President Biden took office, there has been a significant increase in the number of migrants crossing the Southwest border, many escaping poverty and oppression. The administration has used the Public Health Regulation to allow more than half the time to exclude immigrants, with the exception of humanity.

Immigrant children who arrive at the border without a parent or guardian are exempted from the rule and allowed to enter. The administration has been providing vaccinations to eligible migrant children in government shelters for months. Immigration and customs enforcement are also providing vaccinations to detained immigrants. And the administration is vaccinating refugee migrants who are waiting in Mexico until the United States decides on their case.

Amish Adilja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, said that all undocumented immigrants arrested on US soil would have to be vaccinated.

“There is really no valid reason for people not to be vaccinated at the border, especially when our vaccination rates are low, they are in the United States and we are actually throwing the vaccine in the trash,” said Dr. Adalja. General Chat Chat Lounge “If they don’t, they’ll put the vaccine in the trash arm, instead of putting it in the trash, that’s basically what it is.

Critics of the order say it is being used to control the influx of undocumented immigrants. The Biden administration, which relied heavily on scientific evidence to justify several other health precautions during the outbreak, did not produce data that showed that undocumented migrants play a significant role in spreading the corona virus. Some of them.

In a ruling regarding the use of the policy, a panel of judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit noted the lack of data.

“We are not horse riding about the dangers of Code-19. And we will be sensitive to the announcements in the recordings by CDC officials, “testimony to the utility of a public health order, the panel wrote earlier this month. But no one.”

They added: “From a public health perspective, based on the limited record before us, it is unclear whether the CDC order serves any purpose.”

The White House and the Homeland Security Department have consistently said that the Public Health Order has been issued at the sole discretion of the Center for Control and Prevention.

“This is not a matter of immigration policy,” Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro N. Meierkas, said on March 17. The CDC determines the need for an order, saying, “Depending on the public health, it depends on where we are. Code-19 Epidemiology of Infectious Disease.

Mr Meierkas refers to the spread of dishes in other countries. While the number of false cases in most countries in the United States is declining, an Omicron suburban, BA.2, is increasing the number of cases in Europe and may be another cause for growth, though it does not appear It is causing severe illness on a large scale.

The administration is fighting to keep the public health order in place for migrant families in court, though many are already exempt. The same appeal panel, which noted earlier this month that the CDC had not presented any evidence, justified the order, and ordered that the administration not use it to expel families to the countries where they had to Be subjected to oppression or violence.

Lawyers had to file a status update last week, but instead asked for an extension until the CDC decides whether the rules should be retained.

Zolan Conway- Young Contributed Reporting.

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