Mets Collapse Late in Loss to Phillies

PHILADELPHIA – GT Realmuto hit a two-run homer in the eighth inning and Rice Haskins and Didi Gregorius followed with scoring doubles that helped the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Mets, 5-4, on Monday night.

The Phillies went 4-0 before they scored five runs in the eighth against the Mets’ relievers. Realmuto’s first homer of the season saw them go 4-3 in left-field sets. Haskins pushed a tying double to the left side, Seth Logo (0-1), and Gregorius lined one in the right center net for a 5-4 lead.

Phyllis 5, Mets 4 | Box Score | Play by play

Seranthony Domínguez (1-0) tossed in a 1-for-1 scoreless victory. Brad Hands worked out the ninth for the save.

The NL East rivalry is only heating up: The Mets play the Phillies 12 more times before the end of May. Then the season series resume in August.

“I think we think our division is tough and every game means something,” said Fleis manager Joe Girardi. “But you can’t have as many games as three in April. I mean, they’re really important to us, but not because the team is probably going to look that way in June and July. People are not designed.

Phillies third baseman Alec Bohm made three errors in the first three innings, a poor look as he tried to get a third base job on rookie Bryson Stout. After this defensive disaster Edge: Stout.

Boom made his first mistake in the first when he charged a ball that shot the starter Ryan Swords’ gloves and threw a wild, side arm that went to the right field. His second error was in the second, a slight grounder that he threw over first baseman Race Haskins and into the wrong area. Bohm completed the third half on a wide lead in the third that put Haskins out of the bag.

The lip-riders were in hell when the camera caught Bohm having a few selected words after his second mistake.

The Mets, though, did not make an unexpected run of three errors.

Girardi said that before the game he started the boom over the skates because of his previous success against Mets starter TaiJuan Walker.

“He’s had success with Walker,” Girardi said. “And like I said, they’re both going to play. I think it’s important that they both play.

Walker, though, sustained only two innings due to a shoulder injury. He struck out four, walked no one and threw 30 pitches, retiring all six batters before he gave up the game. David Peterson played four shutout innings in long relief and kept the Phillies in check.

Pete Alonso had an RBI ground out, Eduardo Scobar made it 2-0 on the right side for an RBI single and Mark Canha continued his solid start with a run scoring single on the Soares to take a 3-0 lead in the first. Francesco Landor added an RBI single in the seventh to make it 4-0.

Kansas City, Mo. – The only big mistake that Cleveland rookie Steven Cowan has had during his first four Big League games is in the left field, where he was trying to catch and throw at the plate and had a flyball bounce. From the heels of his gloves.

He has not made many mistakes with the bat in his hands.

Guardians 10, Royals 7 | Box Score | Play by play

And after a gruff Monday in the outfield, the 24-year-old from Oregon State returned to the baseball-filled triple belt, becoming the first player to hit the base at least three times in each of his first four games. Arrives re-nominated the Giants for a 10-7 victory over the Kansas City Royals.

“He was trying to do it a little faster and it got on the heels of his gloves. But then his bat was terrific, “said Guardian manager Terry Francona. “His bets are really, really good. This is clearly stated. “

May drive home the point: Cowan went 5 for 5 and reached the safe six times a day ago, when the Cleveland Royals won 17-3. He reached base three more times and added his first three RBIs on Monday, finishing 13 for Series 9, hitting 19 of 15 plate appearances and scoring four times.

“Very well,” Kwan said in his distinctive way. “Pretty real.”

Oscar Smrito added a two-run homer to Gordian, who scored just once in the first two games in Kansas City but scored 27 in the final two. The result was the split of the season opening set among the AL central rivals.

“I’ve been trying to understand that,” Francona said of the scoring disparity.

Logan Allen (1-0) won Monday with a two-run inning in relief in his first appearance of the first season.

The final was a 4-all tie in the seventh when Royals reliever Jack Burnett (0-1) gave up a single, a sacrifice bunt and a walk. Josh Stamont then gave the blues singles to Jose Ramirez and Freeman Reyes as Cleveland took a 6-4 lead.

The Royals loaded the bases in the bottom half against Brian Shaw before Hunter Dezier hit a fly ball that dropped Kwan. As one of the runners crossed the plate, Miles Straw fired a runner on second base in a binge game that appeared on video reviews. Nick Sandlin rested and Adalberto Mondesi entered the inning double play.

“Just trying to do too much,” Cowan said of flyball that got away with him.

Don’t worry Kwan apologized for his triple error in the eighth inning.

“He’s a tough out. You can sing already,” said Royals manager Mike Maddie.

Cowan has appeared in 72 plate appearances, including Triple-A and Spring training since his last strike, and has been in the league 15 times in his first four games at least since 1901 in the league. Is greater than

“There are a lot of player development guys whose chest is out right now, as they should be,” Francona said. “I know we’re four games, but each of them was saying, ‘Hey, he’s going to be okay, man.’ So I know they are proud.

Scoreboard: Box score and summary for the rest of Monday’s action.

Chicago Cubs reliever Keegan Thompson was suspended for three games for hitting Milwaukee Brewers’ outfielder Andrew McCutchan on Monday with a pitch.

Cubs manager David Ross was suspended for one game by Major League Baseball. Thompson and Ross were also fined an unknown amount.

Ross will serve his suspension in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. If Thompson doesn’t appeal the sentence, he’ll start his suspension and open the series against the Pirates.

Thompson beat McCutchen in the eighth inning of Chicago’s 9-0 victory over Wrigley Field on Saturday. The benches were cleared and words were exchanged between the teams but no punches were thrown.

McCutchen was the first Braves to hit in the fourth overall game out of five games. Thompson, who was sacked for the first time in his career, said the pitch went away from him.

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