In the Masters, Tiger Woods finished, winning by itself

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Tiger Woods had 212 yards on Sunday morning from the fifth to the fifth inning. Holding long iron, swinging with proper speed and rhythm. But there was something wrong with the ball contact, and in the seconds it took Woods the transfer from Downtown Song to the follow-through, he let the club go. His left shoulder fell to the ground.

The shot bounced 30 yards short of his target, and Woods was astonished. His ear was dry. He swooped in and recovered the club from the grass and was slowly rebuilt after a leg injury on 23 February 2021 following a car accident.

The 2022 Masters Tournament, which began with a smiling Woods, was delighted to be back at Augusta National Golf Course, surrounded by a community of supporters, playing small, humiliating ways in his final hours.

Woods’ misconduct on the fifth hole of the final round was just one of several goofs, in this case the second consecutive three bogeys on the front nine. Ever since his amazing, impressive opening round one-under par 71, Woods suffered a right leg injury, severe cold weather and, for the first time in a row, seven days of playing and playing time. is the. In 17 months.

By Sunday, the crowds that were collecting his opening rounds had become much thinner as fans were racing to position themselves to see the leaders of the fourth round, which would expire after three hours.

But as Woods climbed to the 18th green, a large crowd of fans who were waiting for him were thundering applause.

After double-bogey at No. 17 and a four-foot putt for par at No. 18, Woods finished the tournament in six overs, 13 overs for the tournament. He waved his hand at his colleague, John, grabbing his hat to the crowd and walked away green, smiling and giggling.

This was not the result Woods imagined when he intended to return to elite competitive golf in less than five months after declaring his day as a top player. But Woods does not loudly look at his four-day score at this year’s tournament as his appearance.

After Thursday’s first round, Woods, who has been known for a quarter century, said his only goal was to win him in any competition, asking whether appearing on Augusta National alone was a victory.

“Absolutely,” he replied. “Yes.”

This was a clear confession for Woods, but it does illustrate the image of him climbing the mountainside on Sunday, often shaking. He didn’t end up anywhere near the leaders, but he did end it nonetheless.

Woods is likely to not play again until the PGA Championship in Tulsa, Okla., In mid-May. Woods said the forward schedule may have been modeled in a way that Ben Hogan took when he returned to golf in 1949 from a car malfunction. Hogan had injuries to his shoulder bone, pelvis, a rib and an ankle, as well as other serious injuries. Hogan won the US Open the following year and won two more major golf championships in 1951 but many other tournaments were won.

In his first public comment since his accident in November, Woods cited the example of Hogan’s return as a follow up.

“I think there’s something real about playing tour one day – never again full time – but pick and choose, as Mr. Hogan did,” he said. “Pick and choose a few events a year and you play around with it.”

On Sunday the 10th at 3pm, Woods got another great swing of his driver. He put his hand on his club and leaned on it as his hair was hooked into the forest.

Then Woods used a club like a canoe to support his right as he went downhill, eventually dropping 80 feet above the three boxes to the fairway. When he arrived at the flat, Woods handed the driver over to his caddy, Joe Lakawa, and the soldier stepped forward.

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