Deshaun Watson’s Massages Were Enabled by the Texans and a Spa Owner

One was the woman who said Watson begged her for oral sex.

She described how he tried to build up sexual acts, starting with his request that she work on his back and go higher up on his inner thighs, which put his hands uncomfortably close to his testicles. When he flipped over, she said he was exposed to an erection, but she denied his requests for oral sex.

That woman didn’t do Sue Watson, but four other employees did A New U Spa. They all said in their lawsuits that Louis gave him special attention.

In June 2020, a woman said in her suit, Louis drove to a hotel to meet Watson for a massage, during which he groped her and touched her hand with his penis. Louis was not in the room, but in text messages she later sent to this woman, she appeared to refer to Watson treating her employees poorly: “I’ve been talking to Deshaun I just told her he got it now.” Louis added a second message, “I told him he couldn’t treat us black women any way.” (In her deposition, Louis denied sending these messages, though evidence in the civil suit indicates she was sent from her number.)

Nia Smith, who also worked at a New U Spa, filed a lawsuit against Watson last week, the 23rd of 24 civil cases. Smith said that during their first massage, Watson asked to put her fingers inside his anus, a request she said she had told Louis about later. She said in the second session he asked her if she wanted his penis in her mouth, and that he repeatedly requested sex in her third and final massage. Smith also admitted that Louis knew Watson was seeking sex and told her he needed to keep Watson happy. In a deposition, Louis denied she knew anything about Watson’s sexual desires.

In early November 2020, after Smith stopped working at A New U Spa, she posted text messages from Watson along with her phone number and her Cash App receipts on Instagram. She included the message, “I could really expose you,” adding an expletive.

Days later, when Watson went to work at the Texans’ stadium, he found an NDA in his locker. He later said in a deposition that Brent Naccara, a former Secret Service agent who is the Texans’ director of security, put it there after Watson told him about Smith’s Instagram posts.

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