Concerns have mounted as the US Compensation Fund stops claiming for non-insured fraud patients.

As the White House calls on Republicans in Congress to fight the Corona virus for emergency assistance, the federal government says a fund has been established to compensate doctors for insufficient care for patients with “insufficient funds.” Not accepting claims for tests and treatment. “

Some US health care providers are warning non-insured people that they can no longer do free virus testing and will have to pay for the service.

Quest Diagnostics, which operates the largest network of testing sites and laboratories in the United States, began notifying customers last week that compensation was no longer available, Kimberly B. Gordon, China’s spokesman, said on Sunday.

Patients “are being told they cannot get it for free,” he said. Insureds will now have to pay $ 125 for a molecular test through QuestDirect, or $ 100 if ordered, through a physician affiliated with Quest Diagnostics. Other testing services may charge up to $ 195.

Customers enrolled in a private insurance plan, or covered by Medicare or Medicaid, are not affected, he said.

The Federal Coding Non-Insurance Program was established in 2020 to pay medical bills for patients with corona virus who are denied health coverage. Earlier this year, during the Omicron wave, the program allowed leading laboratories to release 500,000 tests a month to uninsured individuals, according to the American Clinical Laboratory Association.

In 2021, $ 130 million was spent on programs to compensate providers for testing, treatment and vaccination for uninsured people.

About 31.2 million Americans are insured, according to federal data in 2020. Uninsured people were more likely to be people of color or lower income families.

The White House recently requested $ 22.5 billion in emergency quotient funding, but Republicans in Congress have said they won’t approve another relief package unless the White House finds another way to source funding and the law is still pending. Were struggling to break through. An initial agreement to use about $ 7 billion in state government funding for the Corona virus to help pay for the smaller, $ 15.6 billion package expired earlier this month when the rack and file house Democrats and governors raised that amount. Objected to a refund.

On Wednesday, the Federal Resources and Services Administration stopped accepting claims for the testing and treatment of uninsured patients. On April 6, the agency will stop providing providers to vaccinate uninsured people.

Senior federal health officials on Wednesday reiterated their concerns about the impact of preventive funding on the spread of BA.2, a highly transmitted oamcron suburban, accounting for approximately 35 percent of new US cases and a virus epidemic. Like the version that was repeated. Nation this winter.

Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services, warned last week that the costs for testing were going down.

“Continued implementation requires the continued support of Congress,” he said, referring to President Biden’s recently released false response plan. “And at this stage, our resources are gone.”

The pharmacy operates 20,000 XNUMX testing sites across the country, and, up to this month, has used the Federal Emergency Fund to provide tests and vaccinations to uninsured Americans.

“This puts health care providers in a very difficult position,” the National Association of China Drug Stores wrote in a recent letter to the White House and to congressional leaders.

Eliminating funding “can cause extreme confusion at the pharmacy counter,” the letter said, “and could result in growing disparity in access to the most demanding care and inpatient care.”

The American Hospital Association called on Congress to issue a fundraiser, describing the insured program as a service “vital to our country’s ability to respond to Covid-19.”

In some cases, the country, state, or other federal programs may provide alternatives for the insured.

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