In tennis, the racket breaks out of hand

Jayson Broxby, the rising American star, got his feet up with his racket several times in frustration, after missing out on a golden opportunity to break his opponent’s serve late in the second set of his match at the Miami Open on Monday. It was a development for Broxby, who had already survived an automatic … Read more

Women’s Final Four: Schedule and Analysis

The arena of the NCAA Women’s Tournament has finally been limited to four teams. The top-seeded South Carolina, Stanford and Louisville all confirmed the selection committee rankings, while the No. 2-seeded Connecticut defeated No. 1 North Carolina State in the 14th consecutive Final Four, maintaining a record record. The semi-final game will be on Friday, … Read more

World Cup draw time, TV and rules

The World Cup is almost complete. On Friday, football teams learn the answer to a critical question and their fans want to know: Who will they be playing when the tournament begins in Qatar in November? The World Cup draw – part gala, part pep rally, part math seminar – interesting clashes of scenery, political … Read more