Carl-Anthony Towns and ‘Sugi’ Timberwolves are ready

Carl-Anthony Towns has rarely experienced this type of professional pleasure this season.

Statistically, this has not been his best year, though he scored career-high and franchise-high 60 points on March 14, becoming the first center after doubtful O’Neill in 2000 to score 60 points in a game. This is not the first time he has been shot in the playoffs in Minnesota.

But this is, he said, the most supportive and unified team that he has ever been as a pro.

“We’re a running team,” said Towns. “We have great chemistry. We feel the most confident we can. We know that any time we step on the basketball court, we can beat anyone in the world.

The Timberwolves (46-36) finished the regular season seventh in the Western Conference, and will face the Los Angeles Clippers in the eighth place tournament in a game on Tuesday night in Minneapolis. The winner will be the seventh seed in the playoffs and face the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round. The loser will play again on Friday to face the eighth seed and face the No. 1-seed Phoenix Suns.

If the Timberwolves win this week, they’ll only make the playoffs for the second time since 2004. The only other time that made the Minnesota Playoffs in this period was 2017-18, with Jimmy Butler.

This year is Town’s seventh in the NBA since the Timberwolves first made it to the University of Kentucky in 2015.

Towns spoke to the New York Times that he loves the team so much and because he feels more confident in his junk talk these days.

This interview has been edited for length and description.

You’ve been close with guard Patrick Beverley this season. What did you think of him before playing with him?

I always thought of Pete Beef as a disaster, you know? Someone hates playing against you but you want to be included in your team. I’m right With him as a team now, you see so many teams find such amazing value in him, because he is valuable to a team.

Do you remember when you started to realize how special he was to this team?

I mean, I knew how special he was before, just out of his personality and counting him on the court and everything. I already knew he was a different type of player. I knew he was special [for the Timberwolves] Initially just because the type of energy he absorbs and the type of energy he spends. The way he comes to work and the way he arrives at work is something that I greatly appreciate and very happy to see every day. It makes us all better, it improves the process and makes us more engaged.

After your 60-point game, you said you really weren’t celebrating like before. what did you mean?

You’ve never had that kind of water flowing on you, this kind of thing, that kind of celebration for a player, and for me, I’ve never experienced it.

I am accustomed to feeling like every other day at work is another day. Regardless of what I do, what I want to do is what I need to do. I had to get out there and give myself the best chance of winning and scoring at a higher rate. Then there was another day in the office. I knew it was a special moment, but it was something I had to do. That’s how I felt.

[My teammates] Make it even more special and make it worth celebrating. Like I said, I’ve never been given a flower in my career, so it was good to be praised by my teammates and respected by my teammates, but it should be celebrated as well.

Does it help the confidence of the individual players, not just you but everyone else, the type of evaluator you are talking about as a team?

Yes, because everyone understands that we all want to sacrifice for each other’s well-being and for the betterment of this team. Whatever it takes to win, we as a team will. I think winning means something to everyone. So we fight for one thing, and this is what makes us dangerous.

Given everything you’ve gone through in a basketball sense, have you ever wondered if you would ever be part of such a team?

No, I never doubted. I never doubted myself what I could do. I never doubted my skill set, my competitive edge, my competitiveness. I was never in any doubt about the work I had put in. I knew I just had to wait for my chance. I had to wait for my opportunity to have a team like this, the coaching staff, which is great. And I have a great coaching staff, but to mesh a coaching staff with a group of people as they have it, it builds success and it builds friendship and chemistry. I knew I just needed some stability and an opportunity and I would go with it and work through it a lot.

You get a lot of attention from people the way you talk to the Los Angeles Lakers while they were in Minneapolis in March. You do not always show this kind of bullying. Do you feel comfortable showing this aspect of yourself?

It’s just the chemistry I have with people to know that I’m moving in any situation – I feel like, we move as a group. To feel like we are running a group, not in a bad sense, in a negative sense, but even when I go to court, I feel like I have to be behind me in everything. Brothers are

It allows me to pull more off my jersey side. I’m from jersey Talk about it for a little rubbish, but even more so, with the confidence that we walk into our neighborhood. It’s always great when you feel like you have a team behind you in the trenches, but also winning. You don’t say much when you’re lost.

If the playoff system was as it was before, you guys would only be in the first period in a series. What is your opinion of the tournament in play?

If we didn’t want that in the tournament in the game, we should have more wins and be the sixth or fifth seed. That’s it I’m not here to complain about it. That is what you have to do.

Are there ways that you personally are different from the last time you shot a game?

My situation is very different. I am happy to be in such a situation.

Can you expand on that?

no. I don’t wanna miss it. I won’t go back to something past [stuff]General Chat Chat Lounge The past is the past. I’ve already gone through it once and I’m glad I’m going a different time this time.

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