Concerns have mounted as the US Compensation Fund stops claiming for non-insured fraud patients.

As the White House calls on Republicans in Congress to fight the Corona virus for emergency assistance, the federal government says a fund has been established to compensate doctors for insufficient care for patients with “insufficient funds.” Not accepting claims for tests and treatment. “ Some US health care providers are warning non-insured people that … Read more

Geofencing improves safety in Sweden

In April 2017, a man drove a stolen truck into a grocery shopping district in the Central Stockholm and collided with a department store, killing four people and injuring 15 others. The terrorist attacks prompted the Swedish government to investigate how digital technology could be used to prevent such incidents in the future. It began … Read more

The Biden administration vaccines immigrants at the border

WASHINGTON – The Biden administration is demanding the Corona virus vaccine for some undocumented immigrants on the Southwest border, a policy change that comes just days before the administration’s next public health order review, which has limited immigration during the outbreak. Under the plan, officials will begin vaccinating undocumented immigrants without evidence of vaccination, which … Read more

Arizona offers driver’s licenses on iPhones. Other states want to move forward.

It started out as a digital catchall for credit cards and concert tickets, bringing anyone with an activated iPhone through checkout lines and turn styles. The technology was then extended to vaccine passport records during the outbreak. And this week, an app for Apple Wallet, iPhones and Apple Watch that saves payment information and QR … Read more

Villanova defeats Houston to reach the Final Four

SAN ANTONIO – Saturday’s Round of 8 matchup between No. 2-Seth Villanova and No. 5-Seth Houston was reminiscent of decades of college basketball games played: two dog-ridden, rebound-ridden defensive behemoths. And they are pulling five and the barrel for guards – points coming through. One team, the Lower Seth Cougars, is looking forward to racing … Read more

Review: ‘Vagina Obscura’ by Rachel E. Gross

Dark nearAn Anatomical journeyBy Rachel A. Gross Your vagina is a mystery, an mystery, a world that has been largely unknown, poorly understood and misunderstood since the beginning of humanity. It is more secretive than the Sphinx and may seem farther away from Mars, more unfamiliar with the sea floor. Because, for recent decades – … Read more