At Masters, Tiger Woods shows flashes of greatness and striking marks of struggle.

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Sun shone through a narrow opening in the sky filled with clouds as the Tiger Woods approached the first three on Thursday in the Masters tournament. This area throws in a kind of shine. But no light was needed.

It has already been noticed that on every eye field, Augusta National Golf Club – as well as millions around the world are watching – has turned to Woods, who after a frightening, possibly life-threatening one. 408 days later Elliott was returning to golf. Single Vehicle Accident.

About five hours later, Woods marched on the 18th Fairway to raise accolades, not only acknowledging his successful return to competitive golf, but also acknowledging that he had done so, at an even more admirable level. General Chat Chat Lounge

In his first professional tour in 17 months, Woods shot with a brave, one-under par 71 with three birdies and two bogeys. To be sure, he looked rusty, and many of his usually reliable iron shots came from less than easily accessible green. He was away from the tie with his driver and played Par 3s in Augusta National in two innings and par 5s in par, backed by his usual pattern.

But Woods’s pursuit, always his greatest strength, repeatedly saved him. He finished the 18th hole with a broader smile than the somewhat awful smile that he briefly glanced at at the first hole.

While Woods really looked a bit out of practice at times, he seemed hard enough to withstand the pressure of moving up and down several hills in Augusta National. However, there were signs that he was relinquishing his surgically reconstructed right leg and foot, which now has a radar, plate, and screw. He occasionally, for example, squatted behind his golf ball as he once did to putts near the level of play.

On the ninth hole, as Woods gave the three, his right leg appeared on the ground bare. He grimaced through each of the next several steps. While Woods recovered a steady step after that, he became more and more enthused as the days went by.

More than 90 minutes ago, Woods confidently marched on the first three, where he was met with passionate enthusiasm. After tapping his cap, he removed the drive to the first fairway. But his style shot, like many he hit on Thursday, came up short. After a modest pitch on the green, Woods first enjoyed such a potty new golfer on the green – a slippery, 12-foot break. But he frowns for it evenly, and knocks the gallery around the green.

He was not fast enough at the par-5 second hole, which was usually a spot where Woods could count on one bird in the stick, if not the eagle. But at least three shots caused a bell out, an unusual chip and a two-son equalizer. Three more crosses came as Woods settled into a comfortable rhythm. Then, hitting a high three on the par-3 sixth hole, Woods fired his three shot high into the air. After a few seconds, it fell on the green and reached about 18 inches from the hole for a simple bird.

Sitting at One Inner Park, fans around the Augusta National Ground, where the giant white scoreboards are so widespread, as Woods’ name appears near the top of the leaderboard. More thunder.

Giving the sixth green, Woods shrugs his shoulders reluctantly and covers his mouth – scarcely – to hide a smile. After only an hour of competing to win the Masters, his return to the tournament seemed a bit far, though.

But, with the start of the seventh hole, repeated mistakes pushed Woods to keep up with the leaders. For five holes, from 7th to 11th, he lost three quality shots when he missed the green with his approach shots.

Woods saved Parr with a nervous strap on the seventh green, but he did not come close to throwing an 8-foot par pass at the par-5 eighth hole and came out with the first boogie of his goal.

On the ninth hole, he pushed his drive to the left flank of the fairway, before the second cut short, though he again saved par with the clutch strap. He did so when his approach to the 11th green was deserted. Spread it on an unknown two-son equivalent to a small, treacherous 12th hole, then par-5 on the 13th hole, and after reaching the green in two strokes. This moved him down one goal for the goal.

Another misty race entered the forest in the next hole, kicking out the old tiger as he swiped the ball forcefully to take it on its way over some of the big cypress trees of green. However, his belt did not save him, and he was gone for the day, with a sigh.

Another extended fairway par-5 became the norm on the 15th hole, but Woods, as he has often done in the past, saved a little drama for the par-3 16th hole as he climbed a bend, turning 23 feet. General Chat Chat Lounge For birds The series also accelerated Woods’ first dynamic fist pump of the day.

A goal in the 60s was not out of the question, but Woods only managed a slight equalizer on the 17th hole. At the closed hole, yet another solid drive cut him momentarily. But the goal ended quickly as he was restored to throw an 8-foot putt and secure the in-goal goal.

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